Benny Cruz:

Interdisciplinary Artist Benny Cruz 1976.

Your local Benny
Photo by Jens Franzén
instagram: @jensismyname

New York is the top city for his Art. It has opened up new opportunities for growth and the prospects for a bright future.

As an artist Benny mostly works text-based with acrylics & markers on canvas and paper,

which recently played a larger part in his artistry.

Benny has ongoing collaborations with other disciplines.

Benny’s inspiration flows from his Chilean roots, emotions, childhood memories as well as the hip-hop scene which has influenced his artistry since young age.

Coffee and his love for New York are also part of his main inspirations.

One of the concepts he works with is the text based installations. He takes to the streets and lets his intuition guide him to the right places.
He then utilizes different mediums on walls.

Benny starts by designing his own fonts on paper, cutting them by hand with scissors and applying them to the wall with folded duct tape.

He utilizes spaces that have great visibility, eg a marquee.

Benny was an apprentice under the now late Chilean artist Alfredo Mosella.